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Let Tattoo Shops Brisbane Help You Pick a Style

Date: 31/1/17

So, you’ve decided that you want to get a tattoo, but now what? Of course, you have to find a timeless design, but you must also consider the style of tattoo you desire. Just as with all methods of art, tattoo artists specialise in specific styles—so, knowing the style you want will help you decide on what tattoo shop and which artist to conjure up your custom design.


Ancient And Tribal


Ancient and tribal designs are the original works of tattoo art. These designs are often body art, that contour and shape to your natural form. They are almost always done in black and can be inspired by tribes and cultures from around the world. Perfect for sleeves, and intricate contouring.




Japanese tattoos are also perfect if you are looking for a full arm, leg, back, or full body designs. These intricate covers are inspired by ancient hand carved works, and feature a variety designs in one.


Old School


Looking for a flat design? Maybe of your favourite childhood cartoon character, or a classic eagle or heart? Old school tattoos are often outlined in black, and most are colourful.




If you like the look of Old School tattoos, but want a bit more detail—or more of a modern touch, neo-traditional is the way to go. Still outlined in black, but feels more unique than their predecessor.




Just like its name indicates, watercolour tattoo styles look like this distinct method of painting, but are done in permanent ink.




Realism is a method of tattooing lifelike fine art. Even if the design itself is not intricate, the detail in the colour shading requires far more time, skill, and attention to detail.




If you are looking for a lifelike portrait of someone you love or admire, portraits are the way to go. Nothing like our grandpa’s portrait tattoos, as today’s portrait artists shade and contour to create a stunning design that looks exactly like the photo of your beloved.


Grey And Black Wash


Just because a tattoo is black or grey, doesn’t mean it can’t be layered or intricate. Just like artists who can work wonders with black chalk or a number 2 pencil, grey and black wash tattoo artists can create multi-dimensional designs. From geometric shapes, to fantasy, horror, mystical, nature, and more!

These are just a handful of general tattoo styles you have to choose from. Also, keep in mind that each artist has a unique style and flare. Tattoo Shops Brisbane keeps our eye on our local artists and innovators, making sure you can find the perfect artist to ink the design of your dreams.





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